WT Forensics believes that everyone needs world-class security.  Unfortunately, qualified, experienced security personnel are in short supply.  As a result these resources are hired by companies that market their services to the most lucrative customers.  Small and medium sized businesses don't generally fall into that category.  The end result is that most small and medium sized businesses get local talent that may be well meaning, but which have never had the experience that is imperative to keeping any business safe.

We have a solution.

1) We have experienced, world-class, security personnel that want to the right thing and that want to train and mentor younger staff so that they too can become world-class security providers.  These senior staff are not only intimately involved in whatever security need you have of us, but they are also supervising and training those less experienced staff so that they can provide the same world-class service.

2) We don't charge world-class rates.  Computer security resources are expensive and some of the the things we do take awhile.  By charging reasonable rates we can offer you world-class security resources that you can AFFORD.

3) We have teamed with a world-class SEIM/Security vendor.  Alien Vault has consistently been ranked as the most innovative and visionary Security Event and Incidient Management system by the Gartner Group. WT Forensics, in its extensive experience has identified Alien Vault USM as a single turnkey product that can best serve as the foundation for your organization's security.  That's why we became a Platinum MSSP partner with them, allowing us to give you this world-class product at an discounted rated.

4) We share resources across accounts.  Most small to medium sized organizations are hard pressed to find and pay for experienced IT staff. Providing 7/24 support is cost prohibitive.  As a result, you IT people either rotate "on-call" or you have one or two overworked, multi-discipline IT staff that never get a break.  That's not good for security.  WT Forensics has dedicated, world-class security staff, 24/7 who are watching several organizations at the same time.  The result is that you have fresh, knowledgeable staff examining the events in you network all day, and night, every day, because hackers don't sleep.

We encourage you to explore our site and contact us for your security needs.